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Past Principals
Sl. No. Name   From To Remarks
Dr. Sunil Jain
Former Principal
16 Mar 2004 11 Oct 2004
Dr. Harish Rajak
Former Principal
12 Oct 2004 19 Oct 2004
Dr. G. D. Gupta
Former Principal
20 Oct 2004 31 Aug 2006
Mr. S. Lalwani
Former Principal
01 Sep 2006 22 Sep 2006
Dr. Ashok K Jain
23 Sep 2006 31 Mar 2019

Dr. Yuvraj Singh Dangi (M.Pharm.,PhD)
Joined on : 31 Mar 2019

Full of dynamism and leadership qualities, well qualified with more than 15 years teaching & research experience in renowned industries and academic institutions.
Principal's Message
Considering the present scenario and its dependency on technology, Pharmacy degree opens up a new world of innovations in all walks of life. I appreciate your stepping up towards the world of creation of health care products.
Besides faculty members, Students are the most important stakeholder of the success story of an institute, therefore, students individual diligence and dedication towards studies, his quest for knowledge and excellence and his self-discipline and hard work in right direction play the crucial role in the individual success and the institutes success. Hence, I personally emphasize that students must devote these four years exclusively for studies and studies related co-curricular and extracurricular activities. I also insist on regularity and sincerity of the students during academic years. Then only you will be able to become an engineer who can translate his abstract ideas into reality with technological innovation for an optimum solution.
Our institute will provide you an environment where you can develop various skill sets and mold yourself to be competent in the pharmacy field and to serve the society as well. The undergraduates and postgraduates studies in various disciplines in pharmacy at SIPS, Sagar, assure you quality, versatility, value and above all acceptability by the industry.
I congratulate all the students and faculty and staff members of the college of their contribution through the years.