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Postal Address Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
NH-26, Narsinghpur Road
Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Pin code 470 228
Phones and Faxes Phones :
ISD Code : +91 STD Code : 07582
Phone : 281326, 281320 (O) 09826629294 , 239763 (R)
FAX- 07582-281326
e-mail : akj_pharmacy@yahoo.co.in
Name Designation Phones E-mail Remarks
Dr. A. K. Jain  Principal  07582-281193,320822, 320922,246745 (O), 09229712   akj_pharmacy@yahoo.co.in   Dr. A. K. Jain Principal ,M. Pharm. Ph. D.  
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Reach Us
Bus, own Vehicle, Makronia to Deori road       Via- Makronia Chouraha
Nearest Stoppage : Jublee Petrol Pump Sironja Sagar 
Distance From School : 5 KM 
Nearest Stoppage : Sagar (SGO)  
Distance From School : 8 Km 
Nearest Stoppage : Makronia RLY Station 
Distance From School : 7 KM 
Own vehicle, Auto riksha      Turn from Mokulpur's residence to Sironja 
Nearest Stoppage : Via Civil Line, Sagar University 
Distance From School :  
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